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Capture, Edit, Release - Western Pennsylvania Multimedia Production House

Pre- to Post-Production

We shoot, edit, and produce content for television (commercials, videos, DVDs) or internet (website, YouTube, advertising). Everything is captured in full High Definition 1080p.

We produce a complete DVD package which includes cover art and DVD authoring.

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Everything is becoming high definition, so we don't offer anything less. We have everything you need to tell your story, film, commercial, or promotional video.




Our professional editing and motion graphics have been featured in commercial videos, television shows, and commercials. We take pride in effectively communicating your message. There are many styles of editing just as there are many ways to tell a story. It is important for you to choose an editor who can captivate and entertain your audience. 




Our work can be found online, on television, on DVDs, and every other medium. Tailored cuts can be created for different audiences - for example, a 30-sec web spot vs a 60-sec television spot. We can also fully author your film, commercial, or video to DVD featured with stunning motion menus, chapters, and more!

Voice Overs and Audio Promotions

Voice-overs enhance the feeling and liveliness of footage for viewer pleasure. Create voice-overs for commercials, films, or radio promotions. We work with you to develop a script that will be recorded and mixed in our studio.  Take a listen at some of the voice-over work we have done.

The following samples were aired on 91.7 WCUC-FM in Clarion, PA.

The Underachievers Radio Promo

Band Perry Announcement

Under the
Sea Ball Announcement

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