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Full Media Production & Creative Services

Web & Graphic Design

Let our experience in developing robust websites help you and your business reach its full potential. We get to know you and your business so that everything is done right - the first time.

Have a website in need of updates? We cover virtually everything! User satisfaction is paramount for customers and your staff. We don't think you should jump through hoops to update your site content. Our use of Content Management Systems and training will lift the burden and possibly even make updating fun!

Video Production & Editing

We have you covered from filming to publishing and everything in between. We're the best story tellers in town - pull up a chair and listen! Music videos, short films, commercials - we're available for almost anything under the sun.

We love working with people to help tell their story. Our passion and dedication helps create the best product imaginable.

We also produce highlight, demo, and promotional reels.

Tutoring & Training

We offer tutoring and training in many areas of web development, editing, coding, and basic computing software. We offer supplemental preparation for high school students pursuing the AP Computer Science exam for college credit. 

We can teach you how to get the most out of your applications. From basic computer skills to utilizing Microsoft Office effectively to getting your feet wet with professional adobe products, we provide the knowledge to move you forward.

Tutoring for high school and undergraduate computer information science (CIS) courses is available each semester. If you are interested, a copy of the course syllabus will be requested.

Consulting & Marketing

Get an assessment of your website and ways to improve the overall look, quality, and feel of your website and bring in more hits! We will also evaluate the layout and feel of your website. There should be an overall scheme or brand consistent throughout the website and users should not be distracted by your webpages.

Pay per click campaigns are a good avenue, however there are steps you may want to consider beforehand. Lots of success can be had through the appropriate use of social media, search optimized webpages, and local advertising.

Marketing and promotional videos are also possible through our filming and editing services. Promote your brand or product through a commercial or advertisement.

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