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What is WolfyMaster Media?

The origin of "WolfyMaster" dates back to around 2007 and is a derivative of "Wolfy", a title that was given to me in junior high. Also known as "the master of wolves", the two were combined to form WolfyMaster.

Founded by Paul Sherer aka Wolfy in 2009, WolfyMaster Media strives to serve personal and small businesses with their website development and videography needs. Some of our niche areas include: Website Development, E-Commerce, Website Maintenance, Commercials, Music Videos, and Motion Graphics. We can do a lot more and would be happy to discuss your project and the possibilities that we can offer. 

WolfyMaster Media is located in Russell, PA and primarily serves western Pennsylvania and southwest New York, however our work can be found all over the United States. We strive for complete solutions which means we pride ourselves on serving you with everything you need to get the job done right in the least amount of time.


PAUL SHERER Owner, Creative Director

In 2009 I started WolfyMaster Media to offer web development and video editing services to local shops in my area. Recognizing the ability to expand beyond people I knew, I started advertising and marketing online. Over the last five years I have worked with dozens of clients across the United States to design and develop their projects. What originally was planned as a short-term summer gig has transformed into a full-time, year round job.

I maintained by business through college and continued to pick up clients and side projects more frequently. At times it was a true balancing act between my business, two on-campus jobs, and an 18 credit course load every semester. Despite the pressure, I was able to finish college in three years, earning a Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Arts, with majors in Computer Science and Political Science, and minors in Psychology and Information Systems.

I define myself as a creator, developer, and designer. I challenge myself to improve daily and I am constantly seeking ways to improve and collaberate with others. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you soon.

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